Node list display timeout solution

If you are using GreenNode service through a third-party client and the node list displays a timeout or suddenly becomes unavailable (especially if a large number of nodes are having problems), this may indicate that you need to update the node list to get the latest node configuration information. Below is a tutorial on how to update node ... Read More »

23rd Oct 2022
[Fixed] Unable to use SS, please try V2ray

SS has been recovered yesterday and additional 20 days has been added to all SS plans for the time losing. But we still recommend you to swift to V2Ray service. From Feb 02 9:00 GMT+8, SS was blocked very freqently. Recovering servers become useless. We have to recover all SS servers after block is stopped. For now, we recommend you to use ... Read More »

24th Jan 2020
Seven unlimited nodes have been added to server list

We have added 7 unlimited nodes to server list of V2Ray plans today. You can update servers from subscription url.


PS: x0 means unlimited node

22nd Dec 2019
How to pay with PayPal

Please view the following link to learn how to start with Paypal. Sign up a Paypal account and add your Union Pay card. It should be completed within 10 minutes.

9th Feb 2018